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at the Ant Farm

I started with a colony of Messor Barbarus, that's where I started to learn 

While studying engineering, it has been 3 years since I started myrmecology


Ants from the 5 continents, with a level of difficulty for each of them, their breeding sheet as well as all the useful equipment for their needs

Have a pleasant, simple site, that young and old can use easily, have information thanks to breeding sheets

the ants ?

We're not that hard to raise!

Like all animals, ants can also be extremely interesting to observe, whether in their habits or even in the diversity of species.

They all have different behaviors, whether in hunting, breeding, or their defensive behavior! 

If you are ever interested in them, click here! 

On our site, you can also find: 

Plants: Monstera, Pothos...
and yes, plant fans will be served!

click on where you want to go

Food like mealworms, cockroaches or even protein jellies to treat our girlfriends

So if you want to have a terrarium and take good care of your ants, the accessories section is for you!

Nests of different shapes and sizes for our friends the ants

We wish you a good journey into the world of Myrmecology!

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